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:: Dr Sanjeev Jain is an experienced and well trained Joint Replacement and Hip Resurfacing surgeon :: Performed more than 1800 joint replacements :: Pioneered latest technology in knee replacement surgery where patient has complete knee bending after knee replacement :: Special interest in minimally invasive computer assisted joint replacement and hip resurfacing ::
Complete Knee Bending After Total Knee Replacement

Need for Complete Knee Bending | Special Knee Design | My Experience

Dr Sanjeev Jain has initiated and implemented technology and design of implant which allow complete bending (flexion) of knee after total knee replacement

Need for Complete Knee Bending

After conventional knee replacement generally one gets 90 to 100 degrees of knee flexion or bending as conventional knee replacement prosthesis design  accommodate flexibility up to 100 degrees. For most patients this is not enough as many daily activities require the ability to flex the knee beyond 125 degrees.

Recent innovation of knee design is the real break through where complete flexion could be achieved. Desire for high flexion may be dictated by patient’s favorite activities or cultural background

RPF Knee Implant

Special Knee Design for Complete Knee Bending

RPF – Rotating Platform Flex knee system is specially designed to provide high knee flexion hence it safely accommodates up to 155 degrees of bending. This means that with appropriate rehabilitation a patient can resume an active life style after total knee replacement – deeply bending the knee for recreational, religious and other day to day activities, which may include prolonged kneeling, squatting and cross-legged sitting.

This RPF design and surgical technique is going to change scenario of total knee replacement completely. Complete knee bending is pre requisites for the patients of Asia, Japan and more so in Indian continent. This will also raise high level of confidence in patients to get surgery done as they will also get good flexion. So now days have gone when patients will hesitate to get knee replacement done due to reduced knee bending after knee replacement.

My Experience

Complete bending knee prosthesis – RPF knee and special technique used by Dr. Sanjeev Jain has real break through in the field of knee replacement surgery. Till now I have performed more than 500 surgeries using RPF knee and have consistent good results with excellent knee bending.

Patients with Complete Knee Bending After Knee Replacement Surgery


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